Friday, November 14, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Have You Heard of Sarchasm?

Happy Friday!

So, this is what it's been like around my house.

I now know why I was so tired last week, and it's spreading through the rest of my family.

I've started listening to audio-books while I'm driving to work and then out to pick up my children from school, which gives me a good hour of "reading" a day. I just finished Roger Zelazny's The Nine Princes of Amber, read by Roger Zelazny. I can see why it's a classic.

When I pitched Finding Meara, even though I'd only read the beginning of the Nine Princes, I'd relate the story as "Roger Zelazny meets Janet Evanovich." I'm happy to say that I wasn't too far off. The mixture of science and fantasy is there, as well as the alternate world, and urban fantasy elements. Also, there's a heavy family theme in Princes, although it's more of an epic fantasy kind of plot. Taking all of that into consideration, I guess it's not surprising I enjoyed the story. Combined with great writing, world building and fun dialogue, I think Roger Zelazny is going to become one of my favorite authors.

Last week's funniest photo is:

Angry Chair!
This week's post is a little on the long side. I kept finding cute photos and just added them in. I hope no one minds!


I'm embarrassed to admit, but I'm the clueless dog on the right most of the time.

The way of insistent salespeople.

This is just too cute a picture.


This picture does not make sense.

The ones made off-planet just aren't as good quality.

A few puns:

Dandelion - isn't it beautiful!

Wouldn't it be helpful if life gave us such obvious signs?

I have a tie this week between lettuce cat and sarcastic dogs. I really like them both.

Do you like any one photo more than the others?

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I really like the lion photo. That's pretty cool. As for funny, there's several, but the good/bad sign is just kinda dumb but totally makes me laugh.

    I started Gone Girl. It's interesting. I have some issues with the writing style, and it's making me question why everyone thinks it's so great. But I'm not that far in, so I'll keep going. May change my mind. Did you read it?

    1. I've heard other people say similar things about Gone Girl. I guess if you stick with it, it's got a good pay off. I've never read it, though. I'm not even sure what it's about...

  2. That dandelion is pretty good. And the group hug is adorable.

    I've been rereading a classic -- The Count of Monte Cristo. Just finished reading a biography about Dumas' father, Black Count, which was really interesting, so I was in the mood to read the son's work again. :)

    1. You are so awesome! I've never read the Count of Monte Cristo. You impress me!

  3. I learned a new word...sarchasm! Love it! Big truck, little trailer and Made on Planet Earth are my runners-up. I love that you're listening to audio books on your commute. I purchased a Dr. Suess CD last year for trips with my son and it has paid for itself a hundredfold!

    1. It's the only way I can find time to read! It's hard enough to find time to exercise (I haven't for a couple of weeks, for example, and I feel crappy about it) and then write. Reading's always taken third priority, and so I've read very little over the last few years. I think, too, that I am writing better, now that I'm "reading" more regularly. So, I guess everyone who says you have to read to write is, well... right!!

      I've never seen Dr. Seuss on CD!

  4. Oh dear, lol. I love the goth bunny and the hipster puppy. I'm glad you're listening to Roger Zelazny. He's one of Robert's favourite authors. I prefer Pratchett, but love Zelazny too. Just recently we both read, a slew of books by Brandon Sanderson. Me: Mistborn series, R: Mistborn, Wheel of time, plus Steelheart series. The speed he reads at is astonishing. I sometimes watch him reading and his eyes dart across the page so fast. Makes me jealous how many books he can take in, AND remember the characters, names, events. Some

    Too bad you all have a lurgy of some sort. It's that time of year again, isn't it? I think that overall we've been a bit on the healthier side over here, probably because C just graduated university and isn't among millions of teens and twenty-somethings for hours each day, but knock wood anyway. Hope you're all taking your vitamin C and are on your way to a speedy recovery. Too much to do this time of year to be sick. :D Take care.

    1. My husband read all the Robert Jordan books, too. I'm a faster reader than he is, and he'll often tell me he doesn't understand how I can read so fast. I have to admit that I often skip description. I read just enough to get the mental picture and then I'm off and running to the action. That's one nice thing for audio books, I'm having to read it all, and I think it will help me with writing my own stuff. :)

  5. For some reason, I always have to enter my comments twice. The first time I click "publish" it just erases the comment. Guess I don't get how BlogSpot works.

    Anyhow, the big truck pulling the little wagon cracked me up. As you said, it didn't make sense, but maybe I don't either.

    I liked your new word, sarchasm, except for the timing. Last weekend I managed to upset a friend of a dear friend of mine with my attempts at sarcasm. Guess I'm just not as funny as I think I am.

    1. I'm sorry about your friend. :(

      I've noticed that I have to enter my comments twice if I don't log in first, before I write the comment. It didn't used to be that way, so I don't know what they changed, but it's definitely annoying.

  6. I missed last Friday's photos, was at conference. The angry chair is funny as hell! :)

    I have two ferrets, so that is my pick of the week.

    1. I love your ferret posts!

      Did you enjoy your conference?


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