Thursday, November 20, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Cutesicles Are Cute

Happy Friday, everyone!

My week started off with Boy 1 breaking his wrist (with the help of Boy 2) and only got crazier from there.

Today I saw this video about the Lammily doll (which is a doll with average proportions) and what some second gradeArs thought about the doll. I've fought with my body image all my life, and I have to say the children's perspectives on the doll and what makes people beautiful was pretty awesome. There's so much I like about the video I could turn this into its own post, so instead I'll just encourage you to take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

This week's funny photos are:

I hear this in Will Smith and Harry Connick Jr.'s voices at the end of Independence Day when they deliver the bomb to the mothership. 

Just 'cause, you know, it is cute.

The origins of Pac-Man.

For all my friends with grammar issues.

A few puns...

I think my favorite (besides the video) is the Pac-Man observatory.

Which is your favorite?


  1. I can't help it, I love the cats and dogs. Always have. The goat is pretty fabulous too. Interesting video. The trouble is that one doll doesn't make much of a difference in a Disney world. (sigh) But it's a good place to start. I remember when my girls were small, and they're 10 yrs apart so it was almost like two generations worth, I went out of my way to get them non-sexualised images on everything form their bed linens to their dolls. Eventually they ended up with the barbies and the Disneys anyway. Happily, they seem not to have too many body image struggles. They were way too busy playing sports and being involved with their chosen charities. Now that Kerstie is a mother of three girls, she is thanking me every day for her childhood and trying to to as best a job as she can with our little ones in this Disney world.

    1. PS so sorry to hear about boy one. I got one too and now that he's in his 30s, it's not any better, it's just "more".

  2. Sorry about your son. Hope it's something that heals fast. Was it on his writing hand?

    I like the bird from the car wash. I imagine those feathers to be so soft and smooth. He'd make a nice pillow. :)

  3. Cutesicles. :D

    And so sorry to hear your son broke his wrist. That may impact his turkey and pumpkin pie eating.

  4. Always sad when a kid is sick or hurt. Hope he recovers soon. I liked Pac-man, but Octopi had me rolling in the floor. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Sorry about your son and hope he recovers quickly. I choose "Cutesicles." :)


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