Friday, July 11, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Cats and Dogs and Bilbo, Oh My

Happy Friday!

I can't give you last week's favorite photo, because I'm tricking you all! I actually wrote this post on July 3rd. We went on vacation to Legoland this week, and as you're reading this we'll either be at the Grand Canyon, or on our way home.

I hope you enjoy this week's photos and we'll see you next week!

Add water to some dogs and they melt.

While some don't.

Which might be why dogs don't like baths, no matter where they're given.

Satan is here to collect on your debt.

I remember those days.

Here's the puns:

Now I'm singing the ballad of Bilbo Baggins "Billboard, Billboard Baggins."
Have you ever seen the video of Leonard Nimoy singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins? It's actually painful to watch, but if you want to take the risk, here it is.

I have no clue what the hell the dancers are doing. Even by 70's standards, the dancing is just...there are no words. Someone must have been ingesting something illegal when they choreographed the video.

And to end this post, a little wisdom:

My favorite this week is the cat at the table.
Were you able to find a favorite this week?


  1. Hope you're having a fun time.

    I like the demon cat or the melting dog. Both very cute. :)

  2. The melting dog got me and that was it...I was laughing so hard I was crying! :D Brilliant funnies Lara.

  3. The demon cat, since that's pretty much what I think of cats in general.

  4. Wow! Awesome ones this week. Every one made me smile, especially the kitten 2 far pic. But I'm voting for the catellite dish. That one made me laugh out loud.

    Have an awesome vacay and come back soon - we miss you...

  5. nice i really like these pics thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I'm glad you enjoyed them, and thanks for taking your time to comment today!


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