Friday, July 25, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Animals and a Little More

I hope everyone had a good week!

Isn't this just the cutest little octopus?

It is an octopus, isn't it?

My big news is that I found Finding Meara on four different pirating sites.  Four of 'em! And one of them had the audacity to make an audiobook for it! 

Initially I was upset, and was going to go through the whole cease and desist process to get them to take it down. Then, I realized how much time it was taking (and would take) to go to the trouble of researching and writing a letter, monitoring if they responded, and the potential cost of  a lawyer. Next, I stumbled on this video of Neil Gaiman talking about his books being pirated.

So I decided to take his lead, and do nothing. I would rather be writing something new.

However, I would like to ask a favor. If you've found this blog or enjoyed Finding Meara after downloading from a pirate site, and you're a member of Goodreads, could you please give it a rating or review there? That would help me out so much. Well, as long as it's favorable. If you hated it, don't bother and I'm glad you didn't spend any money for it!

I guess we're ready to start the funny photos. Last week we had a tie between the accommodating stingray and the fabulous dog, so I used my vote to decide on just one. Congratulations to the fabulous dog!

Here are this week's picks...

My father makes that same face when I bring out the camera.

I just noticed the last three photos are all with surprised/scared faces....

Branching out a little with some non-animal photos. It was difficult this week to find good animal ones.

Anybody need a hand? (Ha, ha!)

Apparently, everyone has a secret in their past.

Lasagne monster?

And here's some puns. 

I just had to.

The next one isn't a rural-gnome, or a city-gnome, it's a...

And we might as well end with a cephalopod.

So, which is your favorite? Mine was Junk in the Trunk. It made Boy 2 giggle like crazy, too.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The lasagna monster looks like a yellow version of the cookie monster. I'm mean seriously, they could be twins! lol

    1. Yeah! It's amazing - and that someone thought to take a picture of it, too!

  2. I've seen that Gaiman video before and think he makes a valid point. I don't think you're losing sales to people who steal books, though. They were never going to buy anyway. But, you know, maybe they'll say something great about your book to a friend and get you a sale down the road. You just never know (THAT is positive thinking!).

    And, yeah, I like the puns best this week. But is that really a baby octopus???? Wow.

    1. Yeah, we have to just keep hope that it all turns out okay. I'd known pirating was an issue in publishing, and especially self-publishers, but was just really surprised that FM was pirated. It's not like it's on any best-seller lists or anything!

      I think it's an octopus, but without seeing all the legs...

  3. So many good ones this week, I can hardly choose. I especially loved the "Junk in the Trunk," "Metro-gnome" and "Transformers Sex Tape." Hahaha! I also loved the squirrel. The K-9 body parts store was a little scary. :O

    I vote for the adopted dog - what a cute face!!

    1. With all the expressions that animals make in these pictures, I can't believe there are people out there who believe animals don't experience emotion. :)

  4. It's a toss up between Transformers and the Yoda Truck. I can't decide. We giggled about it for an hour ...

    1. I talk like Yoda sometimes (Have no idea why. I think I have some sort of language disability), so I totally loved the truck!

  5. Adopted dog. And I'm sorry your work is being pirated. I wouldn't even know where to check to see if mine was.

  6. Mine was Yoda. (You would think, yes, that the driver notice his stickers would.... :)

    PS... this is my reply to your comment... You made me guffaw!!

    @Lara: Oh my gosh... I forgot... I have a tat and there's a grammar mistake on it!!!

    The tat is of an angry Leprechaun with the words "Fight'n Irish" underneath:)

    Classic... I should have posted a pic for this post :)

    In my defense.. it was 1994 and I had no clue I wanted to be a writer :)

    1. Oh, no, Mark!! That's really funny! Well, the way I read your tat is there's fight in your Irish. :D

  7. Hmm, that,s really funny Lara Schiffbauer , It's amazing , thanks !

    funny animals


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