Thursday, June 12, 2014

Early Funny Friday Photos and a Pug with Dandelion Eyes

Happy Friday, a little early!

How was your week? My first week off for summer vacation has been quite mundane. I cleaned carpets, and wrote a little and figured out how some things go together in Book Two.

It sure would have been helpful to know this stuff a couple of months ago. I would have had a lot more confidence about where the story was going and felt better about writing it. Writing the second book is very much like my second pregnancy - not at all like the first and completely bewildering.

My Writer Unboxed friend, Vaughn Roycroft, often refers to Steven Pressfield's Writer Wednesday blog posts. Today (actually Thursday) I was looking for something to read while I ate lunch, and spontaneously headed over to Pressfield's site. The universe keeps reassuring me with interesting coincidences that I'm doing fine with my writing journey, and Mr. Pressfield's post, Principles of Improv, came to me with perfect timing. Over the last year I've ended up following his advice, without knowing why or if it was a good idea (hence, I've felt very out of control and confused on the state of Book Two.) His post was a gentle nudge to relax and trust creativity to do it's job, because obviously (based on the revelations I've had this week on how it all fits together) the book will be the better if I do. If you're a writer, or want to be a writer, I suggest reading the post!

There is no favorite photo for last week. Every person who commented had a different favorite! So, let's move on to this week's photos.

It's just so summery!

Except the statue's a lion...

It's face! Just how it feels to ask yourself existential questions.

That would be quite the surprise. Have I posted this before?

The way it ends up when I tell jokes.
Two puns!

The last straw.

My favorite is the NASA joke. What is your favorite this week?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nailed it...light sleepers a close second.

  2. I get the same reaction to my jokes.

    Some good puns there. They all made me laugh. Happy weekend! (Well almost).

    I'm doing a garage sale today and tomorrow. So that's my busy weekend. :)

  3. Nailed it got me! Love it and feels like home! Whenever we're in Blenheim, Robert does an imitation of a cupid statue and I take his photo. :)

  4. Congrats on your first week off! It's writing time! :)

    They're all good, but I vote for cat with remote.

  5. I usually seem to be alone here. I liked the light sleepers best by far.


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