Thursday, April 10, 2014

Funny Friday Photos - A Unique Variety

A very happy Friday to everyone!

This week flew by. It was just Monday ten minutes ago. And what a weird week--for me at least. On Monday I ended up on the edge of a police standoff (guns drawn and pointed at a flower delivery van - of all things) while driving my children to the dentist, and on Wednesday, Boy 1 got sent home from school because he fell off tall playground equipment at morning recess. I'm a little worried about what Friday will be like.

And then there's this:

All week long I haven't slept. Well, I sleep, then wake, then sleep, then wake, then sleep, then wake... You get the idea. Someone sure is enjoying my dream-state company.

I may have bad news next week. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest will post the stories that move on to round three on Monday. It's not that I don't think Finding Meara isn't good, it's just that there's so many good books out there. I know three of the other contestants (Linda Hatton, Monica Frazier and AJ Sikes), and they are all really good writers, and with more experience than I have. It'll be nice if I get to move on, but it's also pretty cool to have made it to round two. We'll have to wait and see. 

No winner for funniest photo last week, so we'll just head on to the new:

So he's the good boy!

We had a black cat that used to do this. He looked like a demon hanging on the window screen, waiting to get inside and steal our souls.

It's hilarious because if I tried to do this, it'd end up the same.

We have two puns today. I couldn't choose.

Yes, yes it is.

You may have seen this already, and I don't know why I think it's funny, but I do. I laugh pretty hard. So, I'm going to share it with you. Goats sing Let It Go from Frozen...

I think my favorite photo this week is the dog with its nose pressed up against the window. Coupled with the caption, I crack up each time I look at it.

What's your favorite? 
Did you have a normal week, or did anything bizarre happen?


  1. The cat on the window because I've never see that before. That electron one is pretty funny too.

    Wow. You have had a week. I've never been anywhere close to a police standoff. That had to have been scary.

    You're right there are so many books out there, but yours is one of them. So it's not over till it's over. :)

  2. The goat is hysterical. :P (What's with that Disney princess? She's built like Barbie. Blech.) Love all, but the dog walking himself home touched my heart and evoked a laugh. Have a great weekend, Lara. :) And best of luck for round #3.

  3. The restraining order was funny, but the dog walking himself home really cracked me up.

    1. I knew about the incident with your son, but I didn't know about the police standoff. I'm sure that was tense.


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