Thursday, April 17, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Have You Seen a Naked Bear?

Happy Friday, y'all!

The road was blocked by a herd of cattle on the way home, and I guess I got in touch with my western drawl. 

This was a great week! No, I didn't make it to the third round in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, but I don't have a brain tumor or Grave's Disease, either. I'm not being facetious. I've been having trouble with my right eye since Fall - a little pain, some pressure, looking like Bill the Cat periodically. 

So, I went to the doctor and it turns out my eyes are just a little mismatched and I guess stress accentuates the issue. I'll take not having a brain tumor or chronic auto-immune disease over getting into the third round any day. Gives it all a little perspective.

I confess. I like watching my blog statistics because I enjoy seeing how people find my blog and where you all come from. I'm amazed that people from around the world are reading (and hopefully enjoying) this blog.

I miss the blog visitor who used to look for my blog by searching lines from the posts on Wednesdays (and occasionally Thursdays.) The mystery of what would be used to search next, or if they would come back, made Wednesdays a lot of fun. But, alas, it's been several weeks (a month?) since they've searched. I'm hoping they (or you, dear searcher, if you are still visiting...and reading this...) have just found a different way to access the blog.

But, enough chatting! Last week's favorite photo was:

Here's this week's photos. I have no idea where they originated. I'm finding the same pictures show up in so many different blogs/websites that it's impossible to give credit.

Did you know snakes can do that? I didn't.


Well played, little entrepreneurs.

Especially when you're home sick. I feel just like that.

It's true. I have a bad attitude about elected officials. Hence, the main plot for Adven 2.

Doesn't look real, does it? It actually has a disease that makes their hair fall out.
I don't think they know how to cure the bears, either.

It's been so nice, I couldn't resist a little spring humor.

These Aragorn memes just don't get old for me.
And guess what was on my computer when I booted up my laptop to finish this post. Yep.

And a pun!

For those who celebrate Easter, have a very Happy Easter. For everyone else, I hope you have an excellent weekend.

My favorite is a reptile dysfunction. Which is your favorite?


  1. I'm so excited, I wet my plants! Bwhahahahaha!

  2. I like the tree, but I'll go for the snake also.

  3. I like the wet my plants one. And that bear is a little freaky.

    You know the sad thing about that Girl Scouts picture is, that it's true. That exact picture may not be, but the story is. Did you hear those stories? A few months after Colorado legalized marijuana, how some Girl Scouts were selling right by the stores? It was all over the nightly news.

    One part of me thinks, wow, those girls are business savvy. But the other part feels sorry that they live in a place where it's so easy to do this. (So obviously I'm not for the legalization of marijuana. Medicinal okay, but not recreational. :) )

    1. There has been some trouble with keeping marijuana products out of minor's hands. Not that they're being sold to, but kids picking up and eating marijuana laced brownies that they find, things like that. I'm not very supportive of legalized marijuana, either. I know the income was phenomenal, but it's a slippery slope.

  4. I laughed out loud at all of those. Even the Aragorn meme. I hate getting iTunes notifications every time I log on, and take great satisfaction in saying no to updates. And the snake OCD... Ha!

    Sorry to hear the eye is giving you trouble. My sister gets a weird allergic reaction to some plant pollen that makes her eyes swell. It's really scary. Hope you feel better. And enjoy your weekend. :)

    1. Allergic reactions are scary! Boy 1's eyes puffed up one spring so that we had to take him to the Urgent Care. They ended up giving him steroids and lots of benadryl and it still took a couple of days for him to be back to normal. The funny thing was that I had the itchiest throat at the same time, and one of my eyes became very red and irritated. The other two in our family felt nothing. And neither boy 1 or I have had the same kind of problems again...

  5. Oh my goodness . . . you outdid yourself this week. They're all great. I had no idea a bear could look like that. I've always loved the Spring quip. But I have to say the tree just made me laugh. I love a stubborn, whimsical attitude. ;)

    1. Oh, good Denise! I'm glad you liked them. The tree one makes me think of the cockroach character on Monsters vs Aliens. He majored in dance, and there's something about the way the meme is worded and a line in the movie that are similar.

  6. Glad you didn't have anything worse with your eyes. The tree is pretty cool.

    1. Thanks, Nick. I was relieved, as well. The tree won this week! We actually had a good consensus - all on one picture! It's been a while, so the tree must have been pretty cool. :)


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