Thursday, April 03, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: Dogs and the Ood

Happy Friday!

Actually, I'm sad Friday has arrived, because on Monday I must return to work. Even with my spring cold (which started last Tuesday), I've really enjoyed being home and only worrying about writing and mom-ing. I wish I could be home all the time, but alas, it's highly doubtful that will ever occur.

Last week's funniest photo is:

It was actually a really spread out vote, so since sour puss got two votes, it won.

Here's the new ones!

It's the way I feel when I see a spider on the ceiling. Or on the floor. Or on the wall...

Don't know why this one cracks me up so much, other than I can totally hear the dog on the right cackling maniacally as it runs down the beach.

Aah! The poor thing! I've always thought sending dogs down slides was so mean.

What a great optical illusion!

I'm hoping that many of the people who come to visit my blog are Doctor Who fans and know what the Ood are. However, if you don't know, the Ood are an alien species on Doctor Who, who have a hive mind and sing beautiful songs collectively through the psychic connection similar to the Borg in Star Trek. Normally a peaceful race, they were easily enslaved by humans to act as servants or disposable labor. 

An Ood prior to processing, which entails cutting off it's external brain (which removes the Ood's personality), and attaching a translator. 
I've been a little Ood obsessed this week. With the cold medicine I've been taking, and watching a lot of Doctor Who, I had odd Ood dreams. Something about them, twitter and me - me tweeting to an Ood? I can't be sure. They were those disjointed medicine-head dreams.

If I hadn't recently read an article about creative people which states creative people get "stuck" on things that tweak their imagination, I'd be worried. But really, I'm just Ood fascinated right now. I wish they had used the Ood more in the show. The episodes that do have Ood are very entertaining and surprisingly humorous and/or poignant.

The video is a Dr. Who Prequel titled Pond Life part 3 series 7 from the BBC. It's one of my families favorite Ood jokes, and only 55 seconds long, so isn't a huge time investment to watch.

Ood on the loo. It never gets old.

Yes, I probably will.

The next photo counts as the pun of the week, doesn't it?

Well, thanks for indulging my Doctor Who fandom this week. I can't pick a favorite. All the dog pictures crack me up, and I just love the Ood jokes. 

Do you have a favorite?
Is there something that's captured your imagination this week?


  1. The spider one is the best. Love the sour puss one though still.

    Sounds like you had a good week, despite the cold. Hope it goes away soon.

    1. What is it about spiders that creates that response in every creature? There was another picture of a hideously large spider standing on it's hind legs that I didn't use, just because it was more gross than funny. So disgusting...

  2. I was wondering what that creepy looking thing was. Never watched any Dr. Who.

    1. They look so icky, but they turn out to be the sweetest aliens - unless they have red eye, which then they're murderous. It's not their fault, though. :)

  3. LOL, that poor Pug! :D

    I sent my Yorkie down a slide once and it had one of those humps in the middle. I never thought she'd go up in the air, but that was something funny to see.


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