Monday, September 16, 2013

Something Bizarre Happened: Zombies and Links

I can't believe it, but again, nothing that bizarre has happened in the last month. One incident that recently occurred gave me some things to think about, though.

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A week ago I was driving down the interstate to pick up my children from school. It's a lengthy drive, and the roadway is littered with all kinds of billboards, whose messages I pretty much ignore. A plain white billboard with red lettering caught my attention. I didn't really read the sign, more I absorbed the letters and formed the sign in my head. It said: "For Sale: 55 Acres" and below that, "No zombies."

What? Total double take. It actually read "For Sale: 55 Acres" and then "No zoning allowed." 

I started to wonder about the potential meaning of the sign if it did say "no zombies." Did it mean that the sellers wouldn't sell to zombies, even if they were upstanding citizens with decent credit?

Did it mean that there was a zombie proof fence encircling the fifty-five acres? On the outside ravenous zombies stretched down the length of the fence, while the inside was pristine and zombie-free? How would anyone keep zombies out of the fifty-five acres?

And, if we discriminate against zombies, can Wyoming really be called "The Equality State?"

In any case, it gave me a chuckle. Then, later that evening, I was perusing posts and status updates on Facebook and misread a post on beading to be about beheadings. I gave up and went to bed.

Here's a couple of links to some blog posts and articles I've found interesting. Have a great rest of your week!

* The Best Days of My Life by Hugh Howey on Indie Reader. (I just enjoyed the sentiments.)

* Weird Finding Suggest We Live in a Saddle-shaped Universe on NBC News. (This interests me because there are Multiverses in another one of my works in progress, The Age of Stars.)

Feel Good
* The Most Astounding Fact. Ever from Upworthy (Around 3min10sec it shows the neural-like network that all the billions of galaxies form. I love that.)

What kinds of things inspired you this last month?


  1. haha! I didn't even think it would mean that they didn't sell to Zombies! I like certain billboards. Here, we have really clever Lamar billboards.

    1. I have never heard of Lamar Billboards. I'll have to look that up. Thanks for commenting and saying hi!

  2. How funny! I've misread things sometimes and come up with strange ideas, too. And honestly, though I like the Walking Dead, I really wouldn't want zombies in my neighborhood either.

    1. Yeah, of all the creatures in the fantasy world, zombies really are the grossest. At least to me.

  3. I have done that many times - misread a sign, billboard, word in a book, on line, etc. And it's usually pretty funny. Though not as funny as "No Zombies!"

    1. Thanks for visiting, Karen! It sure made me smile. And I smiled again when I misread it the second time! Something about that billboard, I guess.

  4. I like the idea of a heads up about potential spooks, monsters and aliens. Maybe we should all post such signs. ;)

  5. I think maybe your mind is leaning toward writing a zombie story where they're beheaded.

    I see the signs.

    That's so funny. I've done that too though.

    1. Ha, ha! "I see the signs" - so punny! You're so clever. :D

  6. Ha! I do that all the time, even with my new glasses. But, hey, a zombie-free parcel of land may come in handy for the apocalypse. The Walking Dead is proof of that.


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