Thursday, September 19, 2013

Funny Friday Photos

And here's Friday! I hope this week went better for you - no matter if last week was crappy or if it was the best week so far. If this week is better, it's a win-win for everyone.

I have absolutely nothing profound to say, so I'll just move on to the photos. I hope your weekend is fun and filled with joy.

Last week's winner for funniest photo was:

Are you ready for the new photos? Here you go!

Me when I make chocolate chip cookies. A dozen cookies and several globs of cookie dough later, I feel sick enough to actually stop.

I believe the cat is serious.

It's right - I can't! The floof got me!

Zombie Ninja Cat

Pulp Fiction comes to mind, where Vincent and Mia dance. You know...Right?

Umm, the dog looks like it could use a little help.

Murrrr-durrrr. You know, from the movie Minority Report?

I think you're right.

And a pun of gratitude for all of you who keep coming and reading Funny Friday Photos:

This week is a tough call, but I think I'll go with the dog in the blinds. It looks so helpless and... caught. 

Which do you like the best?


  1. I gotta go with the ninja cat...but my picks are always in the minority.

  2. My vote's for the ninja cat, and someone's got to give that poor cat a brushing! :-)

  3. Don't want you to feel alone, Lara, so I'll go with the blind dog, too.

  4. We think you're soda twig too, Lara ;)

    And I'm going to have to go with the sassy bats this time, because sassiness.

  5. Loved the sassy bats, but my vote is for the zombie cat.

  6. There are so many that I loved this time, it's hard to pick. Zombie Ninja Cat, Sassy Bats, and the caught dog are my three favorites. I think I have to go with the sassy bats.

  7. Have to go with the crows. We have quite a few crows near our little house in the woods, and every time we see them congregate (often) on our walks, my wife says, "It's a murrr-derrr." Fun collection, as always, Lara!

    1. I thought no one would get the murr-derrr joke! Practically every time we hear the word murder, we make the joke (my husband and I). I love that your wife does, too!

  8. The dog in the blinds is funny, but I like the cat zombie eyes too. :)

    Have a great weekend! (Although I guess it's half over by now. :)

  9. Thanks to all for voting! It's looking like Zombie Cat may win this week!


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