Friday, January 25, 2013

Funny Photo Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it. This is how I feel about the week.

Photo Courtesy Ashley Clark
That's my friend Ashley's boxer, Lola. Ashley takes pictures for one of the local animal rescues, and really captures the essence of the dogs she photographs. Her two boxers, Hunter and Lola, are her favorite subjects, though.  As you can see, they have some personality. Just a little.

One tidbit of news before we get to the photos. I've decided to pre-release some chapters of Finding Meara on Wattpad, starting this weekend. I'll post updates (when the next chapter is uploaded) on my Facebook author page. If you are interested in getting a sneak peek, and want updates, you can either follow/fan me on Wattpad, or you can subscribe to my author page. Otherwise, you can go to my website whenever you want, click on the "Fiction Fun" tab, and it will take you to the Wattpad page. You just won't know for sure when updates are posted.

The first weekend I release Finding Meara, I'll price it for free, so if you read and enjoy these first chapters, you can download the rest of the book at no cost to you. I would really appreciate it, though, if you enjoy and download the book, if you'd leave a review (hopefully favorable!). Favorable reviews can make or break a book, as far as getting attention from Amazon.  I'd also welcome any comments you might want to share on Wattpad.

The winner of last week's funniest photo was:


Here's this weeks photos! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Can you believe it sat there for the picture?

Reminds me of 70's sci-fi movies. The ones where everything gets all distorted when passing through space phenomena.

You know, for us dysthymic people.

The cat looks as scared as I'd feel.

Poor kitteh.

Llamapillar! I have to fess up - that caption was on ican.hascheeseburger.

And finally, an extra little Lego Star Wars humor, for good measure.

Have a fabulous weekend, both productive and relaxing! I think my favorite this week is tied between Lola and Splat the Cat.

Which is your favorite this week? 
(You can include Lola's photo into your decision, if you want.)


  1. No favorite this week, but lots that made my chuckle. Top ones: backed potato, melon dog. And that llama-that is funny, it just being the right angle. I like that one too.

  2. Hahahahhaah!!!

    Melon Collie. Cruel joke, but funny as hell. :D

  3. @joeh and Diane - When I saw the poor dog I just had to include it. I'd already chosen my six, but traded one out. :)

  4. I liked melon collie, but I think llamapillar is best!

  5. I feel like that boxer too! And it's already Sunday... haha. I better get ready for Monday :)


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