Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Those two little boys in the picture fill my life with brightness and laughter and meaning.  No, I don't possess them.  I don't feel jealousy over the relationships they have with others--my mother, my husband, their teachers.  I have always felt like they were little beings who came to live with us so we could keep them safe and teach them how to be good, productive young men.  But, I love them with a protective intensity that supersedes anything else in my life.  They are my family, they are my children, they are mine.


  1. These boys are lucky to have you! :) Nice post, and a great photo too!

  2. Cool piano. Is that yours?

    My 5 yr old daughter is really interested in playing the piano. We haven't one too, but I haven't looked into lessons yet. She seems so young. Do either of your boys play?

  3. I agree. They are lucky to have you. How awesome for you to carve out a piece of your blog and dedicate to your boys!


  4. @Trisha - I feel like I'm lucky to have them! I hoped the picture was a neat one. :)

    @Suzi - Sadly, no. Not ours. It's at the museum. The eldest (the one with really red hair) wants to learn to play the piano, but we haven't really done much to find lessons, either. He could practice on my Mom's piano...

    @Lisa - Thanks!

    @Diane - Thanks, Diane. I don't put them on the blog often for privacy fears, but I took the picture at just the right time, and couldn't resist posting it. :)

  5. Your boys look so cute! I bet they bring you joy and love every day. Great picture, Lara :)

  6. Children are so wonderful, and I love mine so much. My two little granddaughters are the light of my lifem, and I'll be having a new little grandbaby in the spring to love and cuddle. What could be better?

  7. @Livia - Thanks! Yes, they do bring me joy, and frustration, and ridiculous fun!

    @Cindy - Yay! Congrats on a new baby! Which child is having one, if I may ask!

    @David - Thanks!

  8. Such awesome writing here. Very powerful. And what great kids you must have! :)

  9. Children are such a gift. They teach us more than we teach them, I think. They stretch the limits of who we are and make us better people.

  10. @Kelley - Thanks so much! I think they're pretty neat! :)

    @Sonia - I totally agree!~ In fact, that's one of the themes in Finding Meara. What a difference from being a woman to be a mother - at least it was for me.


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