Thursday, March 31, 2016

Funny Friday Photos: Pow, Right In the Kisser Cat

Happy Friday!

We had a four day week that felt like seven work days long. But, it's Friday now!

We've been counting down to the 2Cellos concert in our house. Next week! And that means only a three day work week.

I'm almost done with a new first chapter for Through the Fairy Ring. I'm writing it as best I can (all the details and description) so it'll be ready to go to line editing when the rest of the manuscript is. Then I need a new second chapter and I'll be ready to tackle the middle. Things are looking a little grim for a May release, but we'll see how April goes.

If you left a comment last week, I wanted to let you know I appreciate it. This post went together quickly enough that I even got to respond to comments, too! I'll try to do better with that. You guys take the time to say hi. I think I've been quite rude.

Last week's favorite photo was actually a GIF:

And now our new batch:

No caption needed!

...because now we have to work.

Cue Frasier voice, "I'm listening."

Caption by MuttMeat
In case you want to compare:

Right lane can do whatever it wants.
Some puns? Certainly!

I'll choose the "Pow, right in the kisser" cat.

Which is your favorite?

Do you have anything exciting happening this week/weekend?


  1. The moving sale made me chuckle.

    Can't wait to read the new chapter. Yay!! And enjoy your short week and concert. I look forward to hearing mroe about it. :)

    1. The concert was awesome. I could easily follow them around to listen to them play live forever. They played for an hour and a half, but it definitely wasn't long enough for me or Rory. I hope you had a great week, too. :)

  2. Best of luck with the concert. Can I vote for the Gif again? :-)

    1. You can vote for whichever you like! I love the gif, too. The cat's patience definitely trumps mine!

  3. I vote for the crazy bird! That one made me laugh. What's up for this, lol. Actually, Chloe finally posted a new post from their first week in Japan and even uploaded a beautiful little video to her YouTube and so I look forward to talking on Skype with her about it all. ( Also it's tax month (much as I hate to think about it) and I've got to help my mom with her very complicated taxes before it goes to the accountant. So not a very exciting weekend round here. Hope the concert is spectacularly successful. :D

    1. What an adventure Chloe is having! Are you going to visit her in Japan? Her pictures are amazing, too. She must have inherited your artist-eye. :)

  4. Three-way tie: 1. "Sorry, we're open." 2. "Left Lane . . ." 3. "Moving Sale"

    1. Thanks, David! Moving sale won, so you're in good company!

  5. Don't feel bad about rewriting a first chapter. Most every writer I know has to do it 5-10 times to get it right. First chapters are a bear!

    Moving Sale was funny! My fave is father of the mystery kittens. Posted it on FB. Have a great week! :)

    1. Thanks, Lexa, for your continued, generous sharing! I thought the mystery kittens was so cute. He looks so dejected.

      I'm hoping the first chapter is a good one. I like it, but it doesn't jump smack into the inciting incident, so I stress it might be boring. But, there's conflict there, and I think it's interesting conflict. I guess I'll have to wait and see what people think. Some more work on the first lines might be good, though. :)


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