Friday, August 22, 2014

Funny Friday Photos: And a PG-13 Pun

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was my first day back to school. I'm actually writing this post on Wednesday, so I hope it was a good day! Having some wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey stuff going on writing this paragraph.

Speaking of which, the new Doctor lands tomorrow! I can't wait. I think Peter Capaldi is going to be excellent. And Vastra is back! She is so kick-a@$!

I didn't get to see Guardian's of the Galaxy, but Boy 2 told me the ending (he wanted to warn me because he thought I might cry. And he's probably right.) Anyway, knowing the two (GotG and the Doctor) makes this meme pretty funny!

We actually have a clear winner for last week's funniest photo, and it's...

Are you ready for the new photos?

I had to sing the song (Home on the Range), but then I cracked up. It looks like the picture is taken at the buffalo ranch outside of town. Yes, we have a buffalo ranch in Wyoming. They have camels, too.

More adorable than funny. :)

Corgi down!

I had this happen at Boy 2's kindergarten celebration. They didn't pray, but apparently she was teaching them to wait until everyone was served. I felt like such a boor! I swear I have manners!

The verb issues are annoying, but their faces are hilarious.

I just love stingrays!

Could this qualify for a pun? Or is it just funny?

Here are some for-sure puns.

Well, that's it! I hope we all have a great, relaxing weekend!

My favorite is the corgi who has fallen and can't get up.
Which is yours?

Photos from Cheezburger, as usual.


  1. I really liked the dog and cat. That's funny, but yeah that needed some (a lot) of editing. :)

    Hope you had a good week. Next Monday is our first day. Child 1 is not happy to go back, Child 2 is. :)

  2. I'm going with the chipmunk because I do that Every. Single. TIME. :D

  3. I go with the Corgi corgi's

  4. Suzi - Good luck with Monday! Neither boy was ready to return to school, but they did okay with it. They only had half days, so it wasn't too bad on them. Do you have a full first week? That's rough!

    Diane - I so know what you're talking about!

    Joe - The poor thing! I don't know if it could get up without assistance.

  5. As usual, my pick is different. Swine flew! Yes!

  6. Excellent! Just watched the new Dr Who (it's 9:30pm in England). Not telling till after your viewing. Love them all this week Lara; so hard to chose. Love the corgi down, the cat and dog as the door opens, and the happy elephant.
    I can't believe school's back already. What ever happened to holidays till Labour Day? x

  7. The Corgi and the Joy and . . . they are all pretty good. :D Who knew you can hug a stingray? :O I always enjoy your humorous finds. <3 Great job.


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