Friday, May 17, 2013

Funny Friday Photos

Aaaand, it's Friday again. I hope everyone had a happy week!

Reading for Fun's giveaway got over yesterday, and in honor of all those wonderful folks who wanted to read my story enough to like my Facebook page, I'm going to give away a couple more e-books. If you haven't gotten Finding Meara yet, and would like a chance to win it, "Like" my author page by Saturday, May 18th before I draw some lucky winners! I'll post the winners on my author page on Sunday.

Other exciting news is that I'm slated to be featured on Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews May 24th. Laurie has some wonderful books featured everyday, and was so professional to work with. If you're in need of suggestions for your "to be read" list, give her blog a visit.

And so, here we are with last week's favorite-ist photo:

And here are the new ones!

Little squids. I can't resist.

I just noticed its feet sticking out the bottom of the lampshade.

My offering for the weekly pun.

My kind of cat. :)

Identity issues.

So do we all. 

I hope you all have a very happy weekend, with lots of rest and relaxation occurring. I think my favorite is the turtle. I hear the song "I believe I can fly..." when I look at the picture and it makes me smile.

What's your favorite this week?


  1. Yeah, that turtle one is pretty cute. Have a good weekend!

  2. The cat in the lamp.

    And I finally found a baby that wasn't krakens.

    1. It is a rather unsettling little creature.

  3. Loved all of them, and adored the cat in the lamp. But the one that made me laugh so much I started coughing was The Kraken! That was hysterical!
    Thanks so much for these Friday funnies. I look forward to them every week. <3

  4. My favorite it The Kraken. :) Great choices, and such a fun post!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! My friend, Mike Schulenberg, got me hooked on squids. The baby one was so cute.

  5. Lol, I can't get over the cat in the lamp. What did he think he was doing? Hilarious :) Have a lovely weekend Lara.

  6. The cat in the lamp. That is sooo what our cats might do. Love it!

  7. LOL! How do you keep doing it?--coming up with such good ones week-after-week. I always love them all. Lampshade kitty gets my top vote, then turtle. :D

  8. Holy cow, the human in that first must be gargantuan to dwarf the mighty kraken like that ;)

  9. LOL. I love the you're home early one! That is so funny!

  10. Tha kraken! It could also be a mini-cthulian :)


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