Friday, January 18, 2013

Funny Photo Friday

Yay! It's Friday and, for many, it's a three-day weekend! I'm looking forward to next Tuesday because Rick Wilcox will be guesting. He writes amazing, thoughtful posts and I'm excited to share one with you.

Thanks to everyone who visited for Laura Howard's cover reveal. She has over 9,000 entries into her giveaway. Isn't that wonderful!

Last week's winner is:

And the new photos are...

I totally am Bart.

I don't know how funny this picture is, but I had to share it.
Every time I look at it I get claustrophobia. Anyone else have a similar reaction?

The back-ends look like people bent over in fuzzy, wool pants.

I didn't know a cat could look bald.

My favorite is the llama butts. I think my kids are rubbing off on me.

Which is your favorite? Do you get a three-day weekend?


  1. Are those real owls? How does that happen? lol

    1. I think they're fake, but I had to look long and hard to be sure!

  2. I like the bear one best.

    We also have a 3 day weekend. Not much planned though.

    1. We don't have much planned, either. But it's nice to just stay home, too.

  3. LOL! I'm going with magic mushrooms all the way! Cracks me up! :) Cute choices Lara! I needed some funny pics for today! Glad I can count on you!

    1. Funny photos are definitely good for an end of the week post!


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